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Employment Law in San Francisco Serving California Employees

If you're dealing with a San Francisco, CA, employment law matter, you may want to personally speak with the attentive attorney at Bluer & Bluer, LLP. Since certain laws govern the relationship that you have with your employer, we'd be happy to explain your rights and responsibilities.

We realize that disputes with your employer could cause a host of different effects. Let our attorney work to resolve those matters that might cost you some of your income or impact your long-term career opportunities. We routinely represent clients with cases that involve:

  • Wage and overtime disputes
  • Severance packages
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment

When you'd like to have an attorney striving to protect your rights, Bluer & Bluer, LLP can schedule your initial consultation today. We value your time and have evening and weekend appointments available. To see how the San Francisco, CA, employment law could offer you protection, give our office a call today.


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